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About the Teenage Net

President is Tyler KC8JOZ, Sec/Treasurer is Kurt WA9KMB. Webmaster is Charlie K8BLO and our Website is hosted by Frank N9GQR.

Teenage Net controls are:

Charlie K8BLO, John N8RRI, Howard WA9RYF, Glen KA9YIU, Chris N8IFY, Mike KE8AHK, Tayler KC8JOZ, Jim K9WYB and Speed K8SG.


The rosters are in PDF format for easy download and save. The current roster will be updated regularly and dated the day of the update.

 Current roster | Archived roster

Net Certificate

If you check-in five times (does not have to be consecutive) you may become a Teenage Net member. Tell one of the net controls and we will send you a net certificate (free) and put you on the roster.

Senior Certificate

If you are or when you turn 80 years old we will send you a senior certificate (free). This will make you a senior Teenage Net member. If you are or when you turn 90 years old we will send you another senior certificate (free). This will make you a senior Teenage Net member again.

Our Mascot Stanley

"Stanley" was donated by K8ROH, Elmer and his wife W8ROH, Lois in 2006. The lists below of Foster Parents are Teenagers that have been successful bidders and provided "Stanley" a home.

To Elmer, Lois and all those successful bidders, the Teenagers thank you, and encourage other Teenagers to maintain the tradition so that "Stanley" will always have a good home.

Stanley's Foster Parents

Thanks Jim K9WYB for your donation and watching over Stanley for the next year.

2017 - Jim K9WYB, 2016 - Rich KB9LWY, 2015 - Al KG9BI, 2014 - Dave W8PZ, 2013 - Gary KC9PTD, 2012 - Jim K9WYB, 2011 - Ed W8AV, 2010 - Tom WZ8S, 2009 - Chris N8IFY, 2008 - Kurt WA9KMB 2007, - Dave W8PZ and 2006 - Dale K8PY

Photos and Videos

The two videos were recorded my Loren N0YHZ and features Charlie Burgstahler K8BLO on guitar, harmonica and vocals and Cindy Headrick KB8WOB on Guitar and vocals.

Video part 1 | Video part 2


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